Little Terror EP


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This EP was recorded by Rob Blythe at Saguaro Records in Driver, Va. in the summer of 2012. Mixed by Danny 'Danymal' Lee. Mastered by Bill Hendersen of Azimuth Mastering. These are the first four songs we ever completed together as a band. Thanks to Dylan 'Dirtman' Wicher for recording guitar tracks with us.


released August 1, 2013

Safeplace is:
Chris Worrell
Emmett Riley
Bennett Wales



all rights reserved



Spreadin' the gospel of Rock'n'Roll since 2012, Virginia's Safeplace has comfortably nestled into their role as one of the East Coast's most aggressive and emotive group of Alt-Rock warriors.

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Track Name: To The Native & The Ghost
Well if I could, I'd drink your blood like dark red wine.
Till our bodies rust or dust, I swear I'd drink you till you're dry.
The more I see, the more I feel: "What do we know?"
We could be just energy, unruly and unknown.
Our bodies, fine to leave behind, to live and lose.
Now walk into the rain. Pray the Native and the Ghost will find you.
Like they found me.

Are you wasting all your time?
Reaching for a rope to climb.
Hold it tight, or it unwinds.
Are you wasting all your time?

I can't see you (I can feel you)
But I don't need to ( I don't Need to)
I can't hear you (Truth is Silent).
But I don't need to ( I don't Need to).

Your faith is contagious,
Is there a salvation for you?
Or just posturing?
Hide yourself from all beliefs.
Blind yourself until you see.

"Recieve me, and feed me."
These are the words we speak.
When we feel the Need.
Memories, then, are just like dreams.
Just like waves return to sea.

Unending, but empty.
Track Name: Tribes
Business booming for hungry ghosts,
Do you think about the ones we choose?
Minds of metal molding castes of clay.
Glazed and shaped to suit their time and age.
And we still haven't learned quite yet.
How their silver tongues turn to led.
How they've built this house on mounds.
Mounds of sand in the tide of day.
So lay your faith at the feet of war,
And cover everything in blood and oil.
Cause nothing's good beyond utility,
Stars and stripes, spangled they are indeed.

Like fault lines, it's obvious where the fault lies.
Divide and shift. The stone and rose both live in dirt like we do. The stone and rose both live in dirt and see you. In everything we've felt. In every single cell. We resemble a circle.
Track Name: Little Terror
Like my old man, I'm of my hands. It's all we can afford,
But we can't afford to lose.
The rhythm and ryhme of nickel and dime. A carpenter by trade.
But his heart is in the woods.
My Ma, she is a teacher down the road from my home.
She teaches the kids to read and write, and read and write they do.

And live like birds that will not sing,
Their crippled flight, their broken wings.
No, not I.
Like lucid dreams, I've hoped to see
Those frosted fields and frozen seas
Before I die.

Late at night, little terrors keeping me awake
I surrender to them all.
Through the day, make their way and settle in
To the shadows on the wall.
Will they align, or just collide?
Maybe they'll just explode.
Plotting their course, they point true north
Maybe they'll lead me home.

I'm searching for the safest place
For clarity, for finding peace,
Within my soul.
Ensnared beneath the scattered leaves,
The twisted branch of family trees.
My roots, their blood.

Teach me how to live.
Show me how to give.
Before I leave.
Track Name: Curtains
I'm watching the birds in my backyard,
It's the first time I've noticed my skin.
The landscape changes.
Foreign. Distant.
But there are no words for this kind of day,
Or the rhythms I see in the wind.
Their stirring inside me, abiding within.
Dissolve and release.
And everything I see awakes in me.
A nameless truth that fills and builds in me.
Brick by brick layed out then stripped away.
Pull the wool out from the thorns and leaves.
It's all meant to turn you in
Before you walk with machines.
So burn and return, encircle me again.
Before you wept, before you slept you washed it down.
As it took you in.
But all was well.
Your fearless tears that you laid on my cheek, "Darling I'm drifting."
As it took me in.
But all was well
You communed in the silent language of the heart with me.
As it took us in.
And all was well.
I have found the safest place.
The river, the road, the train and track.
And all are safe to travel by.
Yes, all are safe to travel by.

So in the wake of our progress,
It's so often we forget we're born of earth
All together.
It's a humbling kind of thing, Because I can't beleive the calm instilled in me.
I know there's more to life than this one.